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How It Works

1. Products made available online on Fridays; with 1-2 new items added each week.


2. Select the items you want to order.


3. Orders close Tuesday at 5pm.


4. Orders posted 1st Class Royal Mail each Thursday.

5. M*ggle-worthy treats arrive within 1-2 days.


Note: Due to Coronavirus and lockdown, delays may occur; other postage dates can be arranged but please contact us direct first. 

About The Allergy Queen

The Allergy Queen was founded upon two years of research, knowledge and experience of wheat allergies and intolerances.


After giving birth to my daughter two years ago, I began struggling with certain foods including gluten and wheat alongside other health issues. This set me on a journey of numerous doctors, hospital appointments, dieticians and allergy specialists who all concluded that I needed to eat a gluten and wheat free diet. However, the longer I went without exposure the more severe my reactions became. I have since been diagnosed with a rare allergy called Wheat Dependant Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis (WDEIA). The annoying part of it is that the exercise component can be substituted for stress, heat, cold, even mowing the lawn (anything that increases my heart rate).

Our home and kitchen now must be 100% gluten and wheat free as my reactions now occur even if my husband kissed me after he had a sandwich or my baby girl touches me after she has chicken nuggets - in other words the dreaded cross contamination.


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